(Dine in ONLY)

  • Hot Pot

  • Step 1: Select Your Soup Base

  • 1. Original Soup

  • 2. Herbal Soup

  • 3. Spicy Soup*

  • 4. Pork Bone Soup

  • 5. Tomato Soup

  • 6. Miso Soup

  • 7. Tom Yum Soup*

  • Step 2

    Pick your protein and other ingredients from our buffet table. 

    Choose your vegetables and other assortment from your conveyor belt.

  • Step 3

    Create your own dipping sauces according your own taste from our

    sauce bar. If you have no ideas, you can use house pre made ready to dip sauce.

  • Step 4

    Bring broth to a boil, slowly add your food items into your broth,

    cook your ingredients to your own style, do not over filled your broth pot

    with ingredients.

  • Hot Pot & BBQ

  • Step 5

    Use your soup ladle to serve cooked items into your bowl or plate.

    Enjoy your delicious Hot Pot.